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buckwheat canelé de bordeaux

gateau basque with preserves

tahitian vanilla bean ricotta cake
crème fraîche coffee cake with pecan streusel

biscuit with preserves & crème fraîche

croissant with preserves & cultured butter

croissant with ham & gruyère
croissant with ham, mustard & cultured butter


our yogurt with rhubarb, puffed amaranth & sesame

pistachio, coconut & apricot granola
with our yogurt or almond milk

naturally leavened toast
with hazelnut butter, sea salt & honey

with labneh, marinated artichoke hearts, harissa & sicilian oregano

with spicy tahini creamed greens & a fried egg

marinated chickpeas, avocado, soft egg, chiles, feta & zhoug

plane breakfast: choice of eggs with bacon, buttered toast & preserves
croissant sandwich: ham, gruyère omelet & harissa


plane rye, smoked halibut, cream cheese, pickled shallot, poppy seed

tuna melt tartine: albacore, provolone, pickled peppers,
celery & mustard aïoli

pan roasted salmon, spring “fricassee”, sorrel & crème fraîche

chicken fattoush: chicories, preserved lemon,
feta, pistachio & croutons

“crying spaghetti” lamb, hazelnut sauce, thai chili,

dried shrimp dukkah, soft egg, many herbs  

*menu subject to change, please use this as a sample only. 

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